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Natural Medecine to Natural Supplements

Natural Medicine

Are you concerned that herbs could be a disturbing remedy? Maybe because they are overshadowed by the large pharmaceutical companies and laboratories? Is it to protect citizens from the powerful effects of herbs? Although herbs are not able to cure all ailments, it is true that they can cure many of them.

Uses of plants

There are many ways to use plants as medicine: tea, capsules, oil or tincture as a preventive and curative treatment.

Hippocrates, who was the father of medicine, praised the curative qualities of herbs more than 2500 years before. Natural remedies are now an integral part of many traditional medicines such as Chinese medicine. They often use a variety plants to create “potions”.

Medicinal plants can be used internally and externally. For internal use, they can be brewed, consumed as a decoction (boiling the plant) or by maceration (soaking for long hours). Herbal teas work best on an empty stomach. They can be taken slowly throughout the day or in two or three portions. Externally, herbs are used as compresses, poultices, salves and ointments.


Natural medicine is still controversial in certain aspects, but it is widely accepted. It is estimated that 25% of all medicines are made with a plant-based base. Humankind has experimented with natural remedies for centuries. Some of these remedies have become the classics in modern pharmacopoeia. For example, how many people know that morphine comes from the poppy and aspirin is from the willow?

Aromatic herbs were once only known in small towns. They are now very common in the kitchen. They have an aroma that is both delicious. Additionally, they contain active ingredients with a direct physiological effect on the body. Each has its own curative qualities and contributes to the well being of those who consume it: antiviral; anti-inflammatory; anxiolytic; digestive; antioxidant.

Certain health professionals are often very good to denigrate herbal medicine, but many studies have been done to determine the effect of dietary antioxidants on the prevention of certain diseases. One study found that people who eat a lot of antioxidants live longer and are healthier. Antioxidants reduced the risk of developing cancer in men. Polyphenols and phenols are the compounds that provide antioxidant power in aromatic herbs.

What Is The Truth About Natural Healing?

Herbs as Food Supplement

A food supplement is intended to help you with any nutritional deficiencies. It is not meant to replace your regular diet. They are foodstuffs that have a nutritional or physiological effect. They can be used as a concentrated source for one or more nutrients but they do not replace a balanced diet.

Natural food supplements are made from active ingredients derived from plants, fruits, and other vegetation. These supplements are made from natural elements and not from chemical compounds. Synthetic food supplements, on the other hand, are created in a laboratory.

What are the benefits of food supplements?

Many people are deficient in vitamins, minerals and trace elements, as well as amino acids. This can be explained by a variety of factors, including insufficient fresh produce consumption. The quality of our food has also declined over time, especially due to intensive farming practices and food refining. Consuming certain substances, such as alcohol, tobacco, or medications, can cause problems with the absorption of vitamins. Supplements can be a great way to add nutrients to your diet. They also provide all the necessary elements to keep your body healthy. There are many different effects that deficiencies can have on your body. These include hair loss, fatigue and skin and nail problems as well as depression, heart problems, and cardiovascular problems.

Natural food supplements are more effective?

Natural food supplements are based on active ingredients from plants, which has the advantage of being natural. To be fully absorbed by the body the nutrients must interact with several co-factors that are naturally found in natural food supplements.

This complex process is not possible to replicate in synthetic food supplements. They are therefore less effective in absorption. Acerola powder, for example, contains vitamin C. But it’s not just that. Flavonoids, fiber, carbohydrates, minerals, trace elements, and co-factors are all present in acerola powder. These co-factors either increase the bioavailability or work in conjunction with vitamin C.


There are many natural food supplements that can be used depending on your specific needs. Their effectiveness is well-known. You should remember that food supplements can be taken orally in capsules, tablets or powder form.