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Potency Problem: no more with Eroxel

Erectile dysfunction, although not completely correct, is often equated with impotence disorder. However, the original definition of a potency disorder was to be unable to procreate. This has nothing to do the erection and maintenance of the male penis. to do with the erection and maintenance of the male penis.

Erectile dysfunction, also known as erectile dysfunction, is when a man cannot have sex due to a lack of or inadequate number of erections. Erectile dysfunction does not include short-term erectile problems. A doctor should examine you if you experience erectile dysfunction for a prolonged period of time. This can be a sign that you have a serious condition. Erectile dysfunction is most commonly caused by alcohol, smoking, high bloodpressure, diabetes, and prostate surgery.

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What is the cause of this symptom?

A collective term for male sexual dysfunction, potency disorder can be either solitary or combined. These include:

  • Decreased libido (sexual drive)
  • Erection problems (erectile dysfunction, ED)
  • Ejaculatory dysfunction is when you fail to ejaculate.
  • A wider definition of infertility is also sterility.

Potency disorders may be temporary or persistent, depending on the reason. Both the terms impotence and potency disorder are frequently confused. In the case of permanent potency disorders, one refers to impotence. One should not forget that potency, just like other bodily functions, decreases with age. Therefore, it does not necessarily need to have a medical history.

Is there a Disease that could be Responsible?

Potency disorders and erection problems may be caused by psychological/social or physical causes. It may be a combination of multiple factors.

The physical causes of erectile dysfunction include impaired blood supply or nerve supply, or hormonal imbalances. Erectile dysfunction can also result from direct damage to the penile corpus Cavernosum. Potency disorders, particularly in the early stages of cardiovascular disease, can also indicate a general illness.

Potency Disorders can be caused by Physical Causes

General Diseases

  • Vascular calcification (arteriosclerosis )
  • Diabetes (diabetes mellitus)
  • Hypertension is high blood pressure
  • Renal insufficiency (impaired renal function)
  • Overweight (obesity)
  • Hypercholesterolemia (high blood cholesterol)
  • Hormonal disorders (testosterone deficiency)
  • Hypogonadism is a condition where the testicles are not active enough.
  • Hyperprolactinemia(excess of the hormone prolactin in the blood, leading to testosterone deficiency)
  • Hypothyroidism (underactivity or hypothyroidism of the thyroid gland).
  • Urological diseases
  • Foreskin constriction (phimosis)
  • Penile curvature (penile deviation)
  • Nerve diseases

Multiple Sclerosis

  • Nerve injuries/spinal cord injury
  • Psychological/social disorders


  • Private or professional overload/stress
  • Burnout syndrome
  • Psychosexual development disorders in childhood/adolescence
  • Problems with partnerships
  • Other causes

Side effects of Medication

  • Alcoholism
  • Use of drugs
  • Nicotine consumption

There are many causes of impotence. Try implementing Eroxel with a good diet and some exercise. You will see an instant difference: Eroxel Test