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Which Uric Acid Reduction Supplements to Help You Beat Gout?

Why Do I Need to Supplement?

Supplements are necessary because it is impossible to get all the nutrition from the food we eat. A recent article in a medical journal stated that all adults should take a multivitamin daily. This applies even if you eat a healthy diet that is rich in whole, fresh, natural foods. Foods can’t provide all the vitamins and minerals you need at the recommended levels. When you go to buy a supplement make sure you get the best quality.

Before, people lived shorter lives due to poor nutrition and disease. Scurvy, Rickets, Diabetes, Beri Beri and Gout were all a result of poor nutrition. It is not common for nutrition to be taught in medical facilities. Many doctors still believe that if you eat right, there is no need to take supplements. This would be true in a perfect world. How do you eat right?

Nearly all of our food is produced in factories, on factory farms and by factory-bred animals. Large amounts of fertiliser from these factory-produced fertilizers leak into our groundwater. Nearly all of the Western World’s soil has been depleted, as well as most of the rest, and due to Global Commerce, even Antarctica has pesticides within its remaining ice shelves. The soil is where we get our nutrition – either from the plants we eat or the animals that eat them. If the soil is depleted in natural nutrition and the animal food that we eat does not see the outside world and is reliant on chemicals, how much nutrition can we really get?

Supplements are nutrition for the body, essential nutrients. It should be as close as possible to food. You should only buy high quality Supplements. Sealed, light-proof packaging and vitamins and minerals that have been culled from natural sources, that are not manufactured in a laboratory; otherwise they won’t be absorbed. To be honest, a lot of vitamins and supplements are already in your system by the time they reach you. Be smart with your money. Spend some time researching the different types of vitamins and minerals available.

What about Gout Supplementation?

Gout is a condition that causes uric acid. It can be reduced through diet changes. Your body will produce less acid if you eat a low-purine diet. Purines, chemical compounds found in food and body, are broken down by the body’s metabolism and formed uric acid. This is normally flushed out by your kidneys. If your kidneys aren’t working well or your body produces too much acid, excess acid can be retained in your blood. This can lead to crystallization of urate in your joints and the painful symptoms of gout.

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Gout sufferers need to reduce their uric acid levels. Gout attacks are more likely to continue if your acid levels don’t drop to healthy levels.

Problem is, many diets low in purines also lack important vitamins and nutrients your body needs to be healthy. When you are on low-purine diets, dietary supplements may be a good idea. Some of these supplements can help reduce your acid level, which is an added benefit to taking them when you are on a low-purine diet. These acid-reducing supplements are still effective even if you don’t have a low-purine diet.

What supplements can lower your body’s uric acid levels?

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Here comes more:

1. Vitamin B complex: Helps convert blood uric acid into harmless components.

2. L-glutathione (L-glutathione): Helps your kidney glands to eliminate uric acid from your body.

3. Tissue salts: These help to prevent crystallization of urate from your joints.

4. Vitamin C: Helps to lower your uric acid level and reduce inflammation

5. Vitamin E: This won’t lower your acid levels but it might be worth considering if you are on a low-purine diet.

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Be aware that not all supplements are created equal. Talk to the owner of a reputable health food shop about where your supplements are sourced and how they were made. Only the best supplements are recommended.

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